I..is back..

So the past week has been…’interesting’/’stressful’/’emotional’?/’confusing’/’unmotivated’/’reminiscent’/’contemplative’/’reflective’….. lots of emotions and feelings going on. I didn’t even feel like blogging AT ALL this past week….. DO NOT WORRY, I am NOT depressed. You know those times where you think to yourself..’I wish I could go back (insert a time ‘recent’-ish time period)….when everything was going great’ — story of my life lately. I really wish I could rewind and go back in time…act on things differently, and etc. But hey, there really isn’t much point in dwelling on the past….’cuz in reality, you really can’t do anything about it. You just have to suck it up and conquer it through the present, and learn from the past…even though, sometimes, it seems like you just really screwed things up.  I hate having regrets…it purely just SUCKS...but  ‘life doesn’t come with an eraser’. 

On the bright side of things, us diligent Science pupils got our midterms(chem) back….I was quite pleased with mine. But the downside is the fact that the average was 78% on the midterm..which is QUITE the average! …WHICH MEANS...(most of the time)….the final is going to be made ‘purposely’ harder? Is that true? 😛 AND it’s been really nice weather-wise…which makes me slightly happier.. 🙂