Thank God It’s Friday.

I cannot even express what a stressful week it has been! Four days, three midterms, two labs, so little time! How did those midterms go? We’ll see once I get them back…but Physics, no words to describe it… everything was about stuff on VENUS?! WHY. Ughhh, it made me so mad. I hate it when the practice midterms they put up are on a much easier level than the actual midterm itself. I feel almost cheated on when that happens. Anyways, it’s Friday…well I guess it’s technically Saturday…and all day I will be catching up on everything I fell behind in…due to my extremely stressful week. 

How did I spend this Friday? Watching a movie..a ‘sappy’ movie…and I enjoyed it, although it made me SLIGHTLY sad…..because it reminded me of a certain situation that I was sort of in…but not completely. So on March 1st, we were all informed whether we got the position of Residence Advisor or not….I haven’t heard of very many people that got the position…majority of the people that I talked to were either ‘rejected’ …or put on the ‘alternate’ list. I, was put on the alternate list, which I guess in a way is disappointing, but I mean, I guess I still have a chance, don’t get me wrong, I’m not discouraged or anything. I was quite surprised at the result actually, but whatever happens, happens. I think being a Residence Advisor would be a GREAT job, and congratulations to all those that DID get the position, I’m sure you will all have a stellar experience, and for those of you that didn’t, just remember, ‘everything happens for a reason’ …and perhaps there are ‘better’ opportunities for you personally. 


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