READING BREAK: DAY 7 – ‘So get out, get out, get out of my head.’

Lyrics in title – One Thing – One Direction.  —- the Backstreet Boys of the 2010s….ALMOST

Technically it’s the ‘last day’ of break…but I guess there’s still the weekend, right? I hope everyone had a stellar break! I don’t even want to think about next week. HECTICNESS! So I’m going to think about now. Today. What’s been going on. It snowed today! It was so nice! Except for when it turned into a slushy mess…that’s never nice. But other than THAT…I went grocery shopping…need food for university, so that I can get fat, you know? HA. 

Well. I’ve been thinking a lot today…about both unnecessary things, and necessary things. And by unnecessary I mean stuff that really shouldn’t consume my precious time. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do as a career…and how much things have changed since I started at UBC – my interests kind of…changed? Changed…I don’t like that word…more like BROADENED. And new things have sparked interest…which is a problem, because I’m having trouble narrowing it down to what I want to do with a B.Sc. degree. I don’t want to be the typical science student and say that I want to be a doctor, right off the bat, although, that was SOMEWHAT, KINDA the plan at first…until I got to university. I just feel like I need more time, yet I don’t want to ‘waste’ time… hmm. So I was going back and reading some of my first blog posts…from way back in June/July…..those definitely had a different feel to them than the ones I am doing now…not entirely sure why, but they seemed more ‘happy’ —and filled with ‘excitement’ ….slightly depressing…I mean I’m still happy right now, but they seemed a lot more ‘bubbly’ …now I’m just rambling on…Tomorrow I’m going back to UBC…YAAAAYY!! I don’t wanna leave home though! 😦 Oh well, LIFE.