READING BREAK: DAY 6 – ‘May Your Tears Come From Laughing, You Find Friends Worth Having, As Every Year Passes, They Mean More Than Gold.’

Lyrics in title – Never Alone – Lady Antebellum

Ahh…the lyrics on this post…they definitely have a deep meaning for me personally. This song was sung at my high school graduation- grad 2011 ❤ So I went to my old high school today, visited some friends and saw some teachers, it was a great time of reminiscing. Seeing the grads of 2012, it was so crazy. Crazy to think that a year ago, that was me. I was walking those same hallways…and at THIS particular time(a year ago), unsure of what my future was to bring me. UBC had just been an ‘option’  – it wasn’t a SERIOUS set in stone type of thing. But look at me now, practically halfway done my SECOND semester of first year at UBC. Time flies, no lies. <— I rhymed! ‘Growing up’ is definitely a strange concept, I miss the days of being a kid, but like they say, ‘nothing is forever’. TRUTH.

All you 2012 grads must be super excited for your graduation day to come! Prom dress shopping for the girls, guys finding dates, and it’s just such a busy, yet important time of your lives! The decisions you make now have a big impact on your life after high school. And while in school, make the best out of everything, cherish your friendships, and MAKE LASTING MEMORIES! 

UBC has already started with its rolling admissions! So congrats to the new batch of first years that have received a spot already! You guys are extremely privileged to be able to go to UBC! You guys will have the time of your life here, just trust me. And if you guys have ANY questions whatsoever, feel free to comment, and check out my UBC related posts, I’m sure they’ll be of some help! 🙂

I’m extremely sad that Reading Break is practically over…because that means that my exams are just in a few days!! :O I am not going to lie, I am a bit scared for next week…I don’t want to become ACADEMIC ROADKILL? But on the bright side, I have accomplished 4 and a half Problem Sets for Chem…out of the 6 we had to do. That counts for something, right? And I did some of my lab prep for my Chem Lab…caffeine extraction from cola – ooohhh ahhhh.

And apparently it’s supposed to snow tonight? WHAT?! I don’t think I’m believing it until I see it –not to be pessimistic or anything…it’s just reality. 



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