READING BREAK: DAY 5 – ‘Let me play it loud, let me play it loud like…’

Lyrics in title РIt Girl РJason Derulo 

DAAAAAYY FIIIVEEEEE! HELLO!¬†For some odd reason, I thought there was another week left to reading break — I don’t know WHERE in the world that thought came from, considering I was/still am, fully aware that reading break is only ONE week long..

So what’s new….Summer Session 2012 registration dates/times have been released, and you should see it on your SSC, when your specified time is. And I have officially done enough Chemistry problem sets to drive me to insanity…..SICK of it!! I BETTER do well on this midterm, or else I will be tremendously disappointed. So that is why I have moved onto Physics. Perk about Physics….if we do better on our Final than on the midterm — then our midterm mark will be completely ignored…which makes me think —the midterm is going to be tediously difficult….or that the final will be a train wreck. REGARDLESS, I am going to try to do my best on the midterm. I figured it’s best to just try to do well in everything, that way I won’t have any regrets later on…and avoid thoughts such as ‘Oh…if I HAD done well on that…then I wouldn’t be risking the fact that I could screw myself over right now..’