READING BREAK: DAY 3 – ‘Rock my world into the sunlight, make this dream the best I’ve ever known.’

Lyrics in title – Domino – Jessie J

Productivity was at its best today — I WENT SHOPPING! Oh how I had missed shopping. I had been deprived of malls for the past month, but now I am content. I may have splurged..just a tiny bit, but I deserved to, and it was fun. As far as studying goes, I did accomplish things, once again, and I wrote out a schedule for this week, when to study what, and such. Hopefully, I will have no problems sticking to the plan. I’ve done 2 Chemistry Problem Sets — I’d say I’m off to a decently good paced start. Two problem sets/day is what I’m going for. And then starting on Physics studying soon…as well as Biology. I find that now that I’m at home, I’m not inclined to socialize with people—back in rez, I’d always be talking to people in the house, which really takes up a lot of time. So now I’m being all focused and getting down and studying away and being effective and efficient with studying.

I can’t express how much I have missed ‘home’. My huge, comfy bed(speaking of, I have DEFINITELY caught up on all my missed sleep), my room, home-cooked meals (not going to lie, dining hall food was starting to get old…), well lit rooms (dorm rooms aren’t THE best for lighting…), amazing showers without flip flops, and…… wait for it…………FREE LAUNDRY (which I have yet to actually do, but I will get to that eventually). Also, the weather here is much better than the weather out in Vancouver — less rain, more sun. I almost bought rain boots today…WHAT?! You go to UBC and don’t have rain boots?!!?!?!?!?!?!’ —– sad, isn’t it? But I just feel like they’re not ‘me’ …although, I DO admit that they ARE extremely practical….maybe I’ll consider it.