READING BREAK: DAY 1 – ‘I’m sick with love, sick like a disease’

Lyrics in title – Curiosity – Carly Rae Jepsen. 

WOOOOOWWEEEEEE. The past week has been a very ‘hectic’/laid back ish week —  I realize that those two words are very contradictory, but get over it. Hehe. I am still in res right now, but will be going home very shortly, YAY! I should technically be packing my stuff right now, because my parents are coming soon, and my room is a place of utterly disorganized entropical(not a word, I know) disorder. It’s really quiet around here, most people have already left for reading break. 

OH! So guess what happened on Valentine’s Day at UBC – well I’m sure lots happened, but one specific one. A couple guys from the fraternity Alpha Delta Phi, went around the residences at night/early morning serenading girls by playing guitar and singing Hero by Enrique Iglesias — and the video was posted on youtube, it is the CUTEST and most ADORABLE thing I have EVER seen, I almost wanted to cry after watching it. Bless their hearts. It was golden!


This makes me happy to go to UBC. ❤ 

Reading Break —> I HAVE SO MUCH TO GET DONE! SO MUCH STUDYING TO DO, HELP. I really haven’t been paying attention in Physics …. oops…. guess I know what I’m doing this break then, ehh. I’m going to be a zombie robot thing doing every single question I can get my hands on…and then ehem…ACEING my midterms. I have already written out everything that I need to get done this break, and I am beyond MOTIVATED to accomplish everything I have written down. AND NOW…I should REALLY go back to cleaning my room and packing!!