Happy February 13th

Just a couple more hours until it is officially VALENTINE’S DAY.…or as some call it….Single’s Awareness/Appreciation Day. HA. I heard the weather is supposed to be fabulous tomorrow, time for couples to go out and have a wonderful day in the shining sun, and radiate their love for each other. I believe that everyone should be happy and make the best out of the day, and not be bitter, complaining that you are ‘lonely’ — enjoy the day with some friends if you don’t have a special ‘significant other’. 🙂 Hearts shouldn’t feel broken on valentine’s day. Be happy, and live life and enjoy it. 

So have you guys heard of LAL – LikeALittle — http://www.lal.com/ubc   It’s a website where you see someone you like/want to talk about someone you like, and it’s completely anonymous. It has recently become a hit again — I suppose that’s because Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! In some ways it’s kind of cute, but can be creepy. The main idea behind the website seems intriguing, it’s to express how you feel about someone, anonymously…those things that you didn’t feel like you could say in person, you can express on there. And sometimes if you need a little advice, people could help you with that. CHECK IT OUT. AND BE ENTERTAINED.