And There Comes A Time To Say Goodbye To A Legend…

As most of you have heard it..a tragedy has occurred…Chairbo….Trevor…Travis..the lovely (homeless? we don’t know for sure) old man who used to sit at the SUB by the vending machines, has sadly, passed away. He was around UBC for the last decade or so….and now, his time has come for him to move on from this world we be living in. I always wanted to talk to him…everyone had so much respect for him. But I guess I lost my chance —  THIS is why they say don’t wait, always go forth and do it, or else you will miss your opportunity that may not come again. He always kept to himself, and he was extremely polite. No one really seems to know what his true story is, everyone has a story right? He made quite an impact on UBC — ask anyone from a few years ago about Chairbo, and they’ll remember him! In some ways it is such a mystery. It was reported that his death was by natural causes – You will be missed Chairbo. RESPECT. RIP Chairbo.



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