Chemistry 123 Lab Reports – Vitamin C

I noticed that there were a lot of search terms referring to the chem 123 lab, numero 9 B (the Vitamin C one) …and I thought I would give you a guys a little hand so that you would freak out a lot less about it.. because I am nice. And remember, the things I tell you are what my TA told my group…and some things vary from TA to TA….so unless your TA told you something specific about it…then listen to them..not me. 

Double spaced? It does not NEED to be double spaced…but this is one of those things that can potentially be TA specific…some TAs prefer it to be double spaced just because they find it easier to read. But single spaced it definitely acceptable, for the record, mine was single spaced, and I actually don’t know anyone that did it double spaced. And also, single spacing makes it look ‘shorter’ and more condensed, which is what the TAs apparently prefer.

Typed? This one is definitely TA specific. My TA VERY HIGHLY prefers it to be typed up just because it is, once again, easier to read. Some people have very illegible writing, no offense to you people, but I’m pretty sure we’re at the age where we have accepted whether our writing is legible or not. So you wouldn’t want to lose marks because your TA couldn’t read your writing. So it’s best to type it up, and be safe. 

How many pages? 2-4 – single spaced. If it’s double spaced… 4-8. (agghh!! SO MUCH PAPER!!

Outline? Well it’s quite nicely laid out for us on page 136 of the lab manual. And for reference look at pages 12-13 in the manual. 

Tabulated Results and Calculations? I actually wrote all my calculations out on another piece of paper — our TA had told us that it was a pain to type out calculations, and to just attach a sheet with all the calculations written out by hand.

Discussion? When you’re writing it out, make all the answers to the questions they ask, flow. Conglomerate it all into a short paragraph rather than point form lines. 

And remember, this is the first lab report, they will definitely be more lenient with this one. Anyways, good luck! And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 🙂