Singing A Sweet, Sweet Melody

Ahhh, the weekend is officially over. So sad. On the ‘bright’ side…. only one more weekend to get through until it’s Reading Break…. I have one more midterm left before Reading Break….Math 101. Am I ready? OHHH NOOO! Should I be ready? YUP. Can I afford to do badly on this midterm? NOPE! I practiced integration like there is no tomorrow! I just need to do the practice midterms tomorrow, and do well on them….hehe. I hope they won’t be too harsh on us with the midterm…or else that will not be in my favour. Why can’t they make math midterms straightforward? Is that too much to ask? We don’t need to be challenged on the midterm itself…… 😛 ? Anyways, most of my weekend was spent at Irving.. it’s surprising how well I can work in that place….one hour seems like SUCH a long time in Irving…in comparison to what one hour is like in my room. I get way more accomplished at Irving than in my room…It’s almost halfway through SECOND term of my FIRST year..and I realize that Irving is actually not such a bad place to go to, to study. I sure learned fast. I remember at first I hated going to Irving because it was ‘so far’ …. what a silly Vanier kid I am…just think about how far it is for Totem kids.. 😀 The weather was also great this weekend, although, on Saturday, UBC was covered in immense fog…it was extremely EERIE, yet VERY cool looking. People had been saying that from the North Shore, UBC has just looked completely blanked out and non existent. It was definitely a bit creepy at night time, when all you could see were the glow of lights, and the hazy blurry glow of the moon. I don’t think I had ever experienced something like that. Anyways, I should be off to bed now, earliest I have been to bed in a LONG TIME!!