Love Is In The Air..?

It’s that month……..February….Single’s Appreciation ? That’s how I would like to go about thinking about it(haha)… But for all those happy couples out there…may this month be a happy one for you with each other! 🙂 It’s a leap year…so there’s an extra day to enjoy it! 😉 Personally, I don’t think people need to be too caught up in it and feel sad/lonely/depressed, if they are single. Being single gives you freedom and it obviously has its benefits….not saying that relationships are bad…all in all, I’m just saying that if you’re in a relationship, be happy with it, and if you’re not in one…then you don’t have anything to worry about! Kelly Clarkson says it all in her song ‘Stronger(What Doesn’t Kill You)’ –  lyrics: ‘Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone’ —– some people, especially with the influence of the media believe that if you’re single, you’re lonely….NOT TRUE. And definitely check out that song, it’s AMAZING, as are most of her songs..hehe. Another song that’s ‘love-y’ — ‘I Won’t Give Up’ – by Jason Mraz — a much ‘slower’ song…but it’s a good song especially for those that believe that they have lost faith in love…never give up, things work out as they are supposed to…..even if sometimes they feel like they are falling apart, just be patient – I tell this myself a lot, and it usually works. 

February is a month that makes me think…on both extremes… it doesn’t help that it’s midterm season..or maybe it does….either way, it’s distracting. I am really appreciative of all my friends, I truly love each and everyone of them, and I’m so lucky to have them here for me. God, Family, and Friends….best things in life.  ❤ 

So apart from that…new Facebook page…. UBC memes….when I ‘Liked’ the page…it had about 500 people….now it’s at almost 5000! in the span of about 3 hours? I wanted to just ‘Like’ all of them….I could relate to so many!! Sigh. Memes are so entertaining. 9gag FOR LIFE. 

Done one midterm…just one more to go before Reading Break….am I excited? Not gonna lie, I am really not…..not excited for midterms. Oh well. Wish me luck!