WHAT A WEEK! + Apologies For Slacking With Blogging.

Heeelllooo there!!! Long time no talk, due to the lack of communication on my side. 

FIRST OF ALL – UBC applications for September 2012, are DUE JANUARY 31st AT 11:59 PM (PACIFIC TIME). GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU APPLYING TO UBC!  It seems like just yesterday that I had applied to UBC…oh the memories. But here I am now…working my butt off…trying to keep up with everything! But in the end, you know it’s worth it.

It has been way too long since I have posted something here. And let me tell you, the past week has been extremely eventful! Obviously I cannot  give you a brief detail on every event that has occurred..but I can give you a gist of how things have been going.

I had my Chemistry lab last week, Lab 9B Vitamin C degradation….wasn’t the best of my labs, I was not being very careful with trying to be accurate and precise…..I gave up halfway through when I was told that I had to remake my stock solution…due to the fact that it wasn’t strong enough….even though ALL my calculations were right. Sigh. But at least I’m done with that now, and all I have to do is write up some FOUR PAGE lab report…Chem 123 lab reports will be the death of me….I have already accepted that. I also had my Physics Lab….my partner knew more than I did, so I appreciated him very much for that. I don’t know what it is…Physics labs and me…we’re not friends…I just never know what to do. Hehe. But that’s over with…so glad that I don’t have to do any unnecessary at home lab report for that class. 

Last week was Science Week….and I can honestly say that I took no part in that….the Science nerd in me wasn’t coming out enough to celebrate…PLUS most of the events conflicted majorly with my schedule…so I barely even had a chance to take part in anything. I didn’t even hear very much about how Science Week went overall anyways…hmmmmm.

RA applications were ‘reviewed’ last week…and people found out whether they got to move onto the interview stage or not. I was fortunate enough to proceed onto the interview stage….carousel interview…group interview…hmm…I’m not sure how I feel about that, nor do I really know what to expect. I just hope it goes over well! I actually REALLY want to be an RA and I think it would be the best job EVER!!! So wish me luck..tomorrow..which is technically ‘today’. And good luck to all you fellow potential RAs! 

This past weekend was definitely an eventful weekend, that’s all I will say about that. The other thing I can really say is the fact that…I love my friends..and they mean the world to me and I’m super blessed to have met certain people here.  ❤ ❤ Love you all! 

And why am I still up? I have a midterm TOMORROW!!! 


6 thoughts on “WHAT A WEEK! + Apologies For Slacking With Blogging.

    • heyy! i love it when ubc students come across my blog! 😛 i thought that the interview was a great experience, my carousel group had really great people in it, so that was good! I wasn’t too nervous…while I was there, but beforehand, I had a minor freak out session due to nervousness! But I will admit that it was slightly intimidating during the activities when I saw RAs looking at me and writing things down! how was your interview overall/experience?

      • I didn’t like how everyone is ridiculously enthusiastic…T___T it’s so superficial cuz they know they’re been evaluated….

      • I agree with you completely!!! There was definitely some artificial enthusiasm at times…but each to his own. And it was kind of annoying when people were being over enthusiastic…and then you couldn’t even stand out by being yourself…i found it a bit overpowering. hope your went well!


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