And Life Goes On..

I technically meant to post this ‘yesterday’ (Tuesday) …so when I make any reference to ‘today’ …I really mean yesterday…which was Tuesday. Got it? 

So this morning, the walk to my first class was pretty terrible. Walking UPHILL up University Boulevard…in the rain/cold/wind….that was NOT a fun time. My hood kept flying off my head, and I was completely SOAKED by the time I got to class. I felt as though someone was above me with a bucket of water just pouring water over me. IT WAS THAT BAD. And walking under trees, giant drops of water were just splashing everywhere on me, none of my friends seemed to mind, but it was just terrible in my opinion. And once I was in my class, I was cold….due to the wetness of my clothes. Wet jeans = complete grossness. My clothes felt like a soggy mess. And wet clothes, smell like wet dog. It was just utterly uncomfortable. After class, the rain had subsided just a tad….and walking downhill isn’t too bad…I was NOT a happy camper this morning. I don’t think I even absorbed anything that my prof was talking about either…. sigh. And today I had my first Chem 123 lab. SO glad I am done with that. Vitamin C degradation…it’s a pretty straightforward lab for the most part, basic titrations…most people did temperature (that was the ‘easiest’ one to do). I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we were all pipetting JUICE…..SO WEIRD! I felt like I was on an episode of a cooking show or something, being rushed with time when one part of my experiment failed on me… 6 titrations in about 70 minutes..TIME CRUNCH.

But now I’m feeling chipper again, and now I should be going to bed. Goodnight!



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