Wind + Rain + Coldness = The Perfect Recipe of Misery to Make You Stay Inside And Do Work.


If you couldn’t tell by the title, it’s windy and very rainy, and quite chilly outside right now. I believe the wind woke me up, it was quite loud, and the fact that my window was a tad bit open, and a heavy breeze came through, and it made me cold.

It has been a VERY busy weekend . I am extremely surprised that I accomplished as much as I did !! I had an online Chem assessment and a Bio one as well. Although, the Chem one was more ‘stressful’, but I survived. And all the math homework that I had to do, all DONE! I have my very first Chemistry 123 lab this week, it is about Vitamin C degradation, which sounds really ‘interesting’, because it deals with something that is actually RELEVANT in real life. The ‘annoying’ part is the fact that I pretty much have to design it myself…which is a tad bit annoying if I do say so myself. I’m about 65% done prepping for the lab though, so that is a good thing, I will be continuing to work on it today, and compare procedures and such with my friends, so that I know that I’m doing SOMETHING right. I was looking at my calendar the other day, and I found out that I have a Biology midterm…in 10 days… has only been 18 days since term 2 started, although it feels like AGES….for the first time in my life, I feel somewhat prepared for this midterm(not saying that I’m going to ace it…but I will study hard, and try to get a super good mark). For you future UBC students….Biology 121, is SO interesting..and when a course is interesting, it makes you want to actually study and do well in it! PLUS, my prof is fantastic AND funny! Tomorrow I have a Chem quiz on Enthalpy/Heat/Work….I should probably study for that, considering I’ve barely looked over any of it! 



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