It’s Saturday Night, Time for some ‘International Love’.

About that song… “International Love” by Pitbull ft. Chris Brown ….. good song, good song. You should  go check it out if you haven’t heard it. It seems relevant, after all, this weekend has been quite an eventful weekend at UBC, with lots of dances and things going on. Such as tonight, an event called Prism(which is a dance), which is directed towards showing everyone how diverse our campus is….you all get ‘badges’ with your hereditary country’s flag. I think it’s a cool and unique idea — showing off the international-ness of us first years. 

Academically, week 2 is done…and believe it or not, some midterms are just 2.5-3 weeks away, crazy isn’t it? So that’s why I choose to not think about that right now, but I’m just warning those of you that actually care(which by the way, I DO care about it, I want to do well…but yeah haha). I have a few quizzes at the beginning of this week, just need to brush up on the knowledge that I have acquired in the past week and a half, shouldn’t be too bad, right?

And the SLC(student leadership conference) was today, I heard that it was…what’s that word? oh yeah… AWESOME. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to go to it, but I know lots of people that did, and apparently you definitely missed out if you didn’t go, which I am not surprised by! The keynote speakers were amazing, and I am absolutely jealous that I didn’t get a chance to listen to Sarah Kay or hear the author of the BOOK OF AWESOME speaking.

P.S. if you didn’t get a chance to look out your window, it snowed…../ is currently snowing. It snowed A  LOT over most of the Lower Mainland, UBC didn’t quite get lucky enough to see as much snow as other people did, due to the fact that we’re by the water, and there’s warm air…this makes me want to cry. Hopefully we get a good dump of white fluffy stuff tonight! I’m EXCITED


One thought on “It’s Saturday Night, Time for some ‘International Love’.

  1. 169Paula, disse tudo!!!! Como muitas aqui, ainda tô na fase inicial do blog, onde tudo é um mar de rosas (nem tudo, já que a gente espera ansiosa por algum contato legal). Mas tô aproveitando da melhor maneira possível, e já ligada no que me espera daqui pra frieet!Bnejos!


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