I prefer not to put all my eggs into one basket <3

Daaang. I meant to post this ‘yesterday’…but it’s past midnight, so that didn’t work accordingly. OH WELL!

Song lyric blog post title, whaaat?! YES. This shows the diversity of UBC…. the lyrics are from a song called ‘Eggs’ by Amie Yoshitake, a musician + UBC student. I think the song is the cutest little thing! It makes you happy in a giddy kind of way, and the lyrics fit my life at this moment…perfectly.

I’ve been listening to my iPod on shuffle for the past few days….and this shuffle playlist that it’s on….has so many songs that bring back memories from about 1.5-3 years ago….it feels so nice and nostalgic…. it reminds me of who I was back then (not that I have DRASTICALLY changed as a person, but still, I know I’m a slightly different person than I was about a year and a half ago…and I would say I have changed since I was 15…EASILY…I will openly say that if I could go back in time to my 15 year old self, I would definitely do many things differently, like not spending too much time on stupid/meaningless things…I was such a ‘girl’ sometimes….boys have that weird effect on girls at that age…). And as I always say, music makes me think…deeply about things. It has only been 4 ish months since I have been here at UBC, and my ‘way of life’ has changed, my friends have changed, my environment has changed. In many ways I feel like I’m a different person, but I know I haven’t changed all that much since I’ve been here, although a notable change has occurred… sometimes I feel like I’ve outgrown my hometown, and this is the weirdest feeling ever….. you would never think you would ACTUALLY grow out of the place that you grew up in. But for me, I definitely feel like ‘bigger’ is where I almost belong, as much as I want to be a small town girl…however, I know that I am definitely NOT a ‘city girl’. Something inbetween-y works best for me. Time/experiences and all the new people I have met have greatly influenced me. And many of these I am thankful for. But at the same time I feel like…sometimes I don’t want to grow up…. yeah I know, that sounds mature of me to say, but really, sometimes you just want things to stay as they are, and you don’t want anything to change. You know what I’m saying? 



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