People are… interesting.

Sometimes you think that certain people are different, and this ‘thing’ that makes them different, seems so appealing to you….but then you find out much later that in reality, they weren’t different at all, you just somehow managed to overlook the fact that they had been the same as everyone else, all along.

It’s almost like you’ve been ripped off

……..almost distracted from reality.

And you wonder why you never really understood the real deal until it was ‘too late’…. it just completely changes your mood.

You thought one thing for such a long time, thinking it was true, but really, it wasn’t.

It was almost as far from the truth as you could get.



Sometimes I think I should be a song writer, or a poet, but then I REALLY think about it, and decide Science is the way to go. And FOR THE RECORD…in no way was I attempting to sound poetic in what I said; those were just straight raw thoughts coming from my head. I just felt the need to write them out. 

Anyways, that’s a thought to ponder upon..Hmmmm..


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