UBC Degree In a Day – Vancouver

Sooo as most of you have figured out, it’s 2012, despite the fact that you probably still write 2011 as the date on your papers by accident…but really, it’s 2012. And that means….high school grad 2012, is quickly approaching! And what does THAT mean? Most of you are probably trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your lives once you’ve become all graduated and stuff.

Okay, you probably want to know what EXACTLY I’m trying to get at…here goes some publicity for UBC…you should really register for Degree in a Day at UBC! This is a great chance to come check out the UBC campus…which, by the way, is REALLY worth your time! And I’m not JUST saying that because I go to UBC, I know many kids that think this place is TO DIE FOR! And what’s that? You don’t have the time? Oh! Don’t worry about it! There are SOOOO many dates where Degree in a Day is happening, you’re BOUND to find a day that works for you! There are 10 different days from mid January until the end of April at the Vancouver UBC campus. You should all check it out during your spring break! You definitely WILL NOT regret it. I attended Degree in a Day when I was in grade 12, during my spring break, and by the way, these events are not strictly for grade 12 students, anyone in high school can attend it, and best of all, it’s FREE! Back to MY experience at Degree in a Day…..it was a great experience, and they had such useful workshops and sessions to attend. And all the people that were in charge of running it, were incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable. They answered every question I had so throughly. At the beginning we played some ice breaker games, so that we could be comfortable with each other, and then we got divided into groups, and went on a campus tour ( this was soo nice! and made me realize that UBC was incredibly HUGE…but you’ll get used to it and realize you can navigate through campus quite easily). After the tour, you attend two sessions of your choice, and then after that, they have a ‘graduation ceremony’ …. this is where they give you a certificate aka your ‘degree’ … in a day. And they also give out some prizes after drawing names…and the prizes are actually pretty decent! 😀  Going to this event really made me want to come here, and what do you know? HERE I AM! 

For more information about degree in a day, check out this page: https://you.ubc.ca/ubc/events/vancouverdiad.ezc;jsessionid=1A94B56906D6D520057A609B1B2ABFE7 remember, you WON’T regret it. 



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