Term Two – off to a great start!

Hello! I’ve only had three days of classes so far…but I can already tell that the professors and the course material seem much better than first term…so that’s a plus! I’m really excited, and motivated to do really well this term! I am really loving the fact that this term there are a lot of resources for getting practice…like mastering phyiscs, bio, and chem. I do better when I do more practice questions, and last term I felt like I didn’t have enough resources for practice questions. But now this term we have an actual textbook for Chemistry 123, which has really good questions, and you can actually teach yourself the content, which I felt like I couldn’t do with the CHIRP in Chem 121. Another plus is the fact that Chemistry only has one midterm, as does Physics, and I get midterm break to study for them! Instead of cramming for a subject the night before the exam because I didn’t get time to study due to other studying that needed to be done. I even have a plan on how I’m going to study, and I have definitely learned from my mistakes made in Term 1..as to how NOT to study. And when it’s time to focus, I need to give all my attention to what I’m studying. 😛 (duuhh). And I’m actually REVIEWING what I learned in class during that day, instead of just saying that I WILL review it. As long as I keep on top of everything, I’ll be fine, it’s when I fall behind, that it becomes a problem….then I start scrambling trying to catch up on everything, and then that just fails miserably. 



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