BACK TO REALITY Almost Time For Classes To Start….

So today is the official start date of term 2 classes aka the holidays are OFFICIALLY OVER. Back to good ol’ rainy Vancouver. YAAAAAY. 😛 The last two days have been soo relaxing in residence…no one was really doing anything productive, we were all feeling relaxed, having nothing productive to do, but we all knew that classes would be starting really soon, and it would be back to reality. Surprisingly my term 2 schedule is more ‘slack’ than my first term courses, but they’re all strictly core science courses, so I wouldn’t say it’s going to be EASIER…but oh well. I’m really motivated to just do really well and focus A LOT more on my school work, and manage my time better. Like, i don’t really need to be studying 24/7, I just need to FOCUS during the times that I study, and NOT get distracted by small things. But as I was saying, the last two days in residence have been great! But now it’s really time to catch up on my sleep….yay. I’m really going to miss seeing my friends in classes, last term my favourite class in a ‘social aspect’ was Chemistry 121….and now this term, I need to make new friends. 😀 Yesterday I went and bought my books for Chem 123 (whoa! 123…not 121 anymore!! 😀 ) and Phys 101. And now I just have to get my math book(s), and I will be set for life! 




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