Search terms entertain me.

And here are a few ‘intriguing’ (some really aren’t…at all…..mainly I just wanted to answer questions) search terms that perhaps brought you to my blog?

  • awkward moments in high school – I never had awkward moments in high school, you’ll get over it. 😉 haha joking.
  • totem vs vanier ubc – vanier is WAAAAY better. why? check out my post ‘dorm sweet dorm – ubc dorm life’ and that will tell you why.
  • some people get on my nerves – well buddy, that’s life, sometimes you just gotta suck it up.
  • prep 101 biol 112 midterm – never gone to it, but I’ve heard it’s actually pretty useful, especially the course booklet they give you, it has a lot of questions in it !
  • movie filming in ubc november 2011 – I believe it was october 2011? The Company You Keep starring Mr. Shia Labeouf.
  • what’s filming at ubc? – ohhh what’s cookin’ good lookin’ ? 😉 *see post above*
  • ubc sock wars 2011 – oh sock wars is so much fun if you’re actually into the game!!! 😀
  • i did horrible on my midterm for psychology – i’m sorry to hear that – but so did i. hope your final went well!
  • not ready for my first uni exam – well.. I suppose you’re screwed then?
  • what is ubc residence like? – uhhhmmm AMAZING. for stuff about first year residence at ubc…check out my post ‘dorm sweet dorm -ubc dorm life’
  • psych 101 uwaterloo exam answers – cuz I totally have a stash of uwaterloo answer keys…
  • is it just me or is it chemistry – who are you? the next shakespeare? But in honesty…it’s probably just you. hehe.
  • life in ubc weather – please don’t drown in a puddle.
  • the weekend is almost over – ohhh noo!! don’t worry, it’ll come again in 7 days!
  • british accent ubc – ubc doesn’t have a british accent? whaa?
  • happy christmas eve! – you too!!!
  • what does it mean “baby you light up my world like nobody else” picture – I almost got it until you added ‘picture’ to it….
  • I looked the best at winter formal – someone’s full of it. but no. you’re wrong. clearly it was I that looked best.
  • ubc flip my hair – no. willow smith flips her hair.I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth.

2 thoughts on “Search terms entertain me.

  1. Ha ha I love search terms, some of them can be quite entertaining. I like how you took the time to actually comment and respond to these, hopefully the people who searched them will find this post. (:


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