It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Hello all. Hope your Holiday festivities were great, I sure enjoyed mine! I wanted to make a post on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas day, but that obviously didn’t happen.. Last night we went to our friend’s house for Christmas dinner, and it was divine! We went to a party at another friend’s house on the 23rd, and it was great, so many people, but it was great. I’m not taking part in any ‘Boxing Day’ ‘festivities’ – keeping it pretty low key today. Debating on dying/streaking my hair actually, you know, starting fresh for the new year/second term. I don’t know, we’ll see.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about many things, because I actually have time to think, unlike during school, too much non academic thinking can lead me astray from my studies (ha-ha). Just the other day I was thinking how ‘un-Christmas-y’ university was….like I mean, I’m used to being in school where Christmas is greatly celebrated, and where we do Christmas related things, like food drives for the Salvation Army and making a school event out of making sculptures with all the cans we collected and stuff like that. My class had such a competitive nature about can collecting, we always tried to collect more cans than the rest of the classes, which is technically a win-win situation for our class and the people that need all the food. It was always so much fun going door to door with friends, asking for donations of food items, and all the interesting people we’d encounter. Like last year, we went to this one house and the lady asked us to step inside (which we were quite hesitant on doing, but she insisted) and her whole house was covered with wall mountings of OWLS! It was the WEIRDEST thing….some intense owl fetish going on there. And more things I missed: Christmas songs on the radio in the car and the hustle and bustle of people at the mall…exams really took away from enjoying the season to the best of my ability…needless to say, I still enjoyed it VERY MUCH! 

I am alas up to date with ‘2 Broke Girls’ – watched all 12 episodes that have aired so far, and now the 13th one airs on January 2nd….siighh…I’m hooked. As much as I love being at home with family, I still miss people from  UBC, I can’t wait to go back to residence and see everyone again! And new classes starting, that’s going to be weird not seeing the same people again. But thankfully, I know at least one person in each of my new classes 😀 .   I’m hoping that second semester goes by SUPER SLOWLY…I need to thoroughly cherish every up and down that I come across along the way – mainly the ups, but the downs also apparently shape who I am? Sooooo. 😛 

Another thing I’m enjoying, leisure reading! 😀 I love Sarah Dessen, I’ve loved her since about 3 or 4 years ago, when I first bought one of her books, and now I have her newest book (new as of the summer), it’s called ‘What Happened to Goodbye’ — and I love it! They make me feel all fluffy and tingly inside….and they make me think about MY life….and how things are going with people…hehe…. (I dislike romance books in general, this is a serious exception). My other favourites by her are ‘ Along for the Ride’ and ‘Lock and Key’. You can never be too old for Sarah Dessen! 



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