Happy Christmas Eve’s Eve.

“You have the accuracy rate of a magic 8 ball” – Max (2 Broke Girls) <— I can’t get over how much I love that show!!! I ❤ Kat Dennings. Some of her situations in the show really remind me of myself..it’s fantastic.

So it’s December 23rd today, which means that Christmas Eve is tomorrow, and Christmas is in two days. It REALLY doesn’t feel like Christmas, exams definitely took over most of the Christmas spirit….but whatever. I’m still excited for Christmas, and all the dinners and get togethers that come along with it, starting tonight! 😀 A few days ago I got together with a bunch of friends that I graduated with, it was great catching up on things, definitely hard to believe that it’s been over 6 months since I graduated. I feel like Christmas break of grade 12 was really memorable, it was the time when I started to apply to universities and started thinking about my ‘future’. I remember I was extremely set on going to the University of Alberta, and practically researched EVERYTHING about it…but then I realized I would probably freeze to death in Edmonton, and I didn’t really know anyone else, and it’s way too far from home haha. But I’m glad things worked the way they did, I clearly belong at UBC. 🙂 Looking back on the past year, it’s definitely crazy how fast time flies! 

I have decided that I have developed a ‘new’ ‘outlook’ on life…as I start second term at UBC….I’m really a ‘positive’ person for the most part…or I was, until November came along..and I got really stressed out and started becoming more ‘negative’ towards things….and I didn’t totally realize it was a big deal until my friends actually told me that I was starting to complain too much about things…and then  it hit me….what was wrong with me!? So now I’m going back to good all positive-ness. Second term, fresh start, can’t wait. 



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