Oh how I missed TV…and having a life.

Sleeping. Eating. Relaxing. Eating. Wasting my time away in the best ways possible…. yeah that sounds about right.

So much time to do everything and nothing…that is what Christmas break is all about. I didn’t feel THIS much freedom back in high school when we had Christmas break….but maybe that’s because in university, you’re practically SWAMPED with studying once midterms begin…and in high school…you’re pretty much free for most of the time even during school. It’s such a great feeling going to bed late, and waking up late, gotta catch up on all the sleep that I lost during exams! 😉

Today alone, I have watched 4…going on 5 episodes of this new show called ‘2 Broke Girls’, and all I can say is, I’m in LOVE with it! It has Kat Dennings in it, and I think she’s absolutely AMAZING! She’s so different compared to other actresses, she’s really unique and I love her for it. And in case you didn’t catch it from the title, it’s pretty much about ‘2 broke girls’…definitely check it out, it’s pretty funny, and I know I’m hooked! I’m looking for more shows to watch, now that I have time to! 

Remember the “do a barrel roll” thing for Google, well now they have a new one, type in “let it snow” on google search…and wait a few seconds….so entertaining!

Tomorrow is the last day of exams at UBC….kudos to all you people that are still staying strong, even though residences are practically empty and ghostly with the lack of people! I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHETHER I FAILED ANYTHING OR NOT!!!!!



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