4 down, 1 more to go. OH. and Biology killed me.

Biology 112….how about that. I can honestly say that while I was writing it, I just wanted to give up and walk out. We were told that 70% of the material on the final would be stuff after the second midterm (new material), and 30% would be midterm #2 material. It felt like the COMPLETE opposite. There were 54 questions…and I felt like there were about 12 questions on the ‘new’ material. My cheat sheet (yes you can have a cheat sheet in this course…but be very wise about what you put on it), consisted of about 85% ‘new’ material…and barely any of the old stuff. And while studying I mainly focused on the ‘new’ material. I just wanted to come back and cry after writing that. And in order to pass Biology 112 you must have a 50% average between both midterms and the final. Thank goodness for doing decent on the midterms! Compared to the midterms the final was absolutely BRUTAL

Anyways, moving on to the good part. Just one more exam left! Math on Friday, and then it’s FREEDOM….for two weeks. It’s going to feel so great knowing that I have no work to do during those weeks. COMPLETE RELAXATION. Marks are supposed to come out on the 20th/21s of December... ‘Merry Christmas from UBC – have you been naughty or nice?’ — hilarious. I was on the phone with my parents the other day, and today and they were talking about how they were decorating the Christmas tree….it made me really want to go back home. This Christmas would be the best time to have a white Christmas, in my opinion. WHY? Because it’s like the Christmas you see in movies, when all the children come home for Christmas, and everything is all warm and cozy and the snow is silently falling, and it’s a great time to be together as a family, celebrating the wonderful season of Christmas. I have been Christmas movie deprived…NEED TO SEE MOVIES NOW. Every year in December, my parents and I always watch as many Christmas movies as possible, I mean they start playing them on TV at the beginning of December….so obviously you HAVE to watch them, it really helps you get into the spirit of the season. I really miss that aspect of being at home and watching Christmas movies…. here I am, rambling on about Christmas movies. 

SO life. HOW goes it? It has been going well. I mean most of it revolves around studying, after all it is finals time. But other than that, it’s good. Awesome friends = awesome times. Quite a few people that I know have already gone home for Christmas, so lucky that their exams were done with so soon! The majority of the people are done on this Friday(the 16th)….I truly feel sorry for the people that have exams on Tuesday of next week….that’s just brutal, 5 days before Christmas..siigh. I am really going to miss living in this house once second year comes(yes, dorm post. coming soon. ugh.). We’re all like one family, we can all tolerate each other through the good times and the bad. Everyone is just so amazing and I am so happy that I got put with a great bunch of people, and have the privilege to live with them! 😀



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