How about that Chem final?

Two and a half hours really isn’t that long of a time for a Chemistry final. But I would like to start off by saying that there hasn’t been a single Chem 121 exam where I haven’t thought to myself “wtf is this question?!?!” for at least one question… and in this case it was the very last question….I think I made a mess out of it. enough said.  But I guess the exam overall was ‘fair’..and that’s all I am willing to say about it. I also found it funny how once I got back to Vanier and went to the dining hall it was FILLED with people…and pretty much EVERYONE was talking about the exam/the last question on the exam. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get academic help/tutoring….some run by UBC and others run by non UBC affiliated companies. One that I did was Prep101 … I’m pretty sure you’ll get mixed reviews about Prep101, depending on who you ask. Personally, I found it helpful, it was ~12 hours of classroom teaching and it’s $120(price-y, that’s why people get turned off by it, but I’d say it was worth it..I learned a lot of concepts that I failed to learn IN class during lectures), and plus they give you a course booklet with TONS of practice questions, which I thought were really helpful and beneficial. I found that for Chemistry 121, it was kind of difficult to find a lot of practice questions, sure the chirp had questions, but it just wasn’t enough for me, I do well in something by doing TONS AND TONS questions. 

Just three more exams to go for me, and I will be done with first semester. It was a swell semester…learned a lot of things about many different things: life, school, etc. It’s been a blast. Now to study for English…. I can’t WAIT for English 110 to be done with. 😀



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