Ohh hey there December! {Winter Formal, Exams, Christmastime!}

I know I said that my next post would be about dorm life and such….but once again, I lied…oopsies. I feel like that post is for another time….another time SOON though. But firstly I want to get this post out of the way before it’s ‘too late’. SO classes are DONE for first semester….crazy right? Well, I think it is. It kind of sucks that it’s really really sunny outside, and most of us are in our rooms studying for exams….which start in like 2 days…oh wow. 


So last night PVRA (Place Vanier Residence Association) held the Winter Formal (Dinner + Dance). Let me tell you, I had the best night of my life last night! It was amazing! The dining hall was decorated SOOOOOO nicely! All of my friends were absolutely amazed at it (their expectations weren’t very high…..but they were astonished at the actual result). They even had an ice sculpture…definitely reminded me of my grad night! Getting ready for the formal was just as fun! All the girls on my floor were getting ready together, doing each others hair and makeup and making sure we all looked FIIIINEEEE. 😉 It was the best way to tie up first semester together. And the dance was classy instead of trashy, which was GREAT! The music was so good!!! I’m not going to lie, the last dance we had, the Halloween dance, the music was on the ‘crappy’ side…and this made up for it x 1000000000000!!!!! AND EVERYONE LOOKED SO GOOOD!! Vanier’s got class and some beautiful people.


As said earlier, exams begin on Tuesday. My first exam is on Wednesday…and Thursday I have Chemistry ….. which I was actually studying before I started writing this thing. And which I will be continuing to study for once I am DONE this thing. 😀 Anyways, I am actually taking finals really seriously, and even doing Prep 101…which I’m hoping will be useful… I mean I’ve heard both sides, more people have said that it’s worth it than NOT worth it. SO YEAH! And now residences have ‘quiet hours’ AND ‘silent hours’ …silent hours = NO NOISE TOLERABLE WHATSOEVER. It’s kind of a pain…considering you really CAN’T talk for most of the day…but I mean it’s being considerate of those that want to study…so yeah, it’s all good.


CHRISTMAS = 21 days away aka 3 weeks away! OH YEAH! 

EXAMS DONE = 12 days. 




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