Productive Weekends FOR THE WIN!

Oh it has been a while since I’ve come out of a weekend feeling like I actually accomplished things! It’s such a great feeling, and I am jealous of those of you who get that feeling frequently! I’m listening to Christmas music and eating a candy cane, with Christmas lights lighting up my room. 😀 It’s so nice feeling relaxed on a Sunday night, although I DO have math homework to do…which isn’t fun…but it’s not due for another two days…last minute haa. So there are just two weeks left of school in first semester…I know I said it before, but it’s so crazy!!!

Approximately a year ago, I was thinking about university applications, I think the first university application I sent in was at the end of October, and I thought it was so weird! I mean, grade 12 had just started, and I had thought that grad year would go by ‘slowly’….boy was I wrong about that! Grad year goes by super fast, so cherish the people you are with and the memories you make, and make it one to count. Oh also, I established the fact that in university you really do learn a lot! In high school when I took notes, I would never fill up a whole notebook, it was more like barely half a notebook would get filled for each subject….right now, most of my notebooks are about 80-90% filled up….and these are books with 200 pages… I love it when notebooks get filled up with stuff! It makes me feel like I’ve actually ‘learned’ stuff! I just hate the fact that I should know ALL of it for the final… YIKES. 




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