SO … how about that chem midterm?

Chemistry 121… midterm numba 2 …. was last night! How did you think it went? But what was up with the second last question…that was a mess. Personally, I have no idea how I did….but it was definitely SHORTER in length compared to the first chemistry midterm, which the majority of people didn’t finish! I’m just glad that I’m done with midterms….now it’s up to finals to make my average pretty! 🙂 But enough about midterms….that’s all the in the past. I’m just hoping I don’t cry once I get my marks back. 🙂 


I still cannot believe how fast this first semester has gone by. I remember the beginning of the semester, back in September…when everything was NEW and so different compared to what I had known before. Now everything is just ‘old’ …. but still enjoyable. I feel like it’s one of those things that I’m going to miss…the feeling of having so much ‘newness’ around me. All us brand new first year students that didn’t know very many people…but we were ‘forced’ (in a good way) to meet new people, and make friendships that we would hope would last forever.  I remember the night before Imagine Day a bunch of people from my house and some random people from Marine Dr. came and we played board games in the floor lounge…it was just so memorable…back in those days we didn’t have very much work to do(well obviously, before classes start you have no work to do…duuh). That’s one thing that I found….your workload doesn’t start increasing until October because that’s when midterms start…most of September was PRETTY slack, believe it or not. First year rez experience is probably one of the greatest things ever….I’m sorry commuters, but you are really missing out..but hey, on the bright side, you don’t get homesick! 🙂 Tours for prospective students started a few weeks ago, I always see groups coming around looking into classrooms and stuff…and I think back to when I came for a tour back in March…. I see UBC way differently now than I had back then. I’m thinking of doing a post about ‘dorm/rez life’ soon…just because people are starting to apply for university now and yeah! BY THE WAY – for first years of this year…… second year housing applications have opened…so you better get on that! I really hope I get into residence second year!!!! But for now, I’m closing this with…. APPLY TO UBC..once September 2012 comes, you will realize that it was the best decision OF YOUR LIFE! 😀 



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