‘Be my strength to carry on’ ….and survive this week filled with academic overload.

‘so now if I stay or if I go 
I’ll always hold your heart of gold 
For if I stray if I’m not strong 
You’ll be my strength to carry on 
Be my strength to carry on’

 -Hedley (Carry On)

I AM IN LOVE with the new Hedley album, I mean, who needs boys when all a girl needs is music?  One Life and Carry On are probably my two favourite songs on that album, so is Invincible (but I’ve heard that one way too many times). So this is the last day of the long weekend…interesting weekend, don’t know if I was as productive as I should have been…. siigh. It’s so disappointing when you have your weekend planned out to do a bunch of stuff, and be productive, but yet you fail to accomplish as much as you had wished to accomplish. I feel like it was a very ‘social’ weekend… every day since Thursday I was with people, for the most part it was more like the same one person. But Thursday evening-night was a pretty good day, hung out with people and had a grand old time, barely got much work accomplished but it was definitely a fun day. I hate studying for midterms, it drains all my energy…speaking of energy, I’ve gotten great sleep this past weekend, like 9-11 hours per night, which is actually pretty darn good! 

And how about that extreme weather we experienced on Friday…. wind,hail, rain, leaves falling from the sky.. THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING! I want more weather like that! 

Sock wars began for my house last week…. I’ve socked my first target already, so I am onto my second one now….and I am still in the game…with no idea of who has me as their target..that’s why I’m being paranoid and staying in my room all day..haha. Just kidding that’s not the only reason…I just have a lot of studying to do and my room is peaceful. And for those of you who have no idea what Sock Wars is… it’s a game that is quite popular at UBC… so pretty much you get a ‘target’ …and you have to find them and hit them with a sock.. a CLEAN sock. Half the time you actually don’t even KNOW who your target is…so Facebook creeping is highly encouraged…that’s why people end up changing their names on Facebook, so that people can’t find them…and then they change their profile pictures, etc. At first it’s pretty confusing when you see random names in your Friends list…then you have to creep your own friends to figure out who they are. It’s kind of funny how seriously some people take Sock Wars….and then there are those that don’t give a crap about it. 

At the beginning of this post I made a reference to “who needs boys” (on a completely different note)….. but really…. I don’t understand how some people can keep up with a relationship in university…it is SO difficult…I mean HOW DO YOU EVEN GET TIME?! I sometimes barely have enough time to hang out with my FRIENDS. Maybe I suck at time management (although I’m pretty sure I don’t considering how much socializing I’ve done this weekend…but then when you look at how much work I accomplished..well then yeah, maybe I’m not the BEST…but STILL). Meh, love, it’s a funny thing. 



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