Hmmm….midterm round 2 not so hot.

And it’s time to be fresh and raw…..definitely not feelin’ so great these days… šŸ˜¦ A lot of my friends have been having their midterms this week and most of them have been stressing out about them, thankfully, I don’t have any this week, just two next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Math and Chemistry. And I’m actually quite scared for BOTH of them because I HAVE to do REALLY well on them. I just feel that whatever I do, I just can’t be ‘amazing’ at math… math and I just don’t mix, and I hate that. So that has really been stressing me out…and then for English I have to do an 8 page research paper…and it is just really adding to the stress and I’m at the point where I feel like I want to pay someone like $200 to do it for me……(I probably shouldn’t say stuff like that online….) but I mean I wouldn’t actually ever do that…I’d obviously write it myself. And maybe the weather adds to the blah-ness of things? I mean it doesn’t play that big of a factor towards it…but still I just don’t like feeling like this. And a recent event also adds to the overwhelming-ness of things…I won’t actually say what this “recent event” was…because it’s just too personal to put on a blog that’s supposed to be ‘anonymous’. šŸ˜› But I will say one thing, if it I wasn’t in the middle of midterms I would probably be less overwhelmed and actually kind of happy about it, if I actually had full confirmation that it’s true… See? this probably makes no sense to anyone reading this… so I’ll just stop rambling on about that. But kind of on the same note…whenever I feel ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘stressed’…. socializing is very lacking on my part…and it makes me feel kinda bad for putting things off when people ask to hang out…truth be told, I SOOO want to hang out with them(in reality I probably want to hang out with them more than they want to hang out with me, although it seems like it’s the other way around šŸ˜› ), it would really make my day, but I just don’t feel like I’m at the right state to ‘have fun’ ….even though that would probably help A LOT…. Oh how I hate stress.Ā 



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