RandomRamblings: Vanier Carnival, Vanier Halloween Dance, Halloween, Bio Midterm Marks


On Saturday, October 29th Vanier put on a carnival, anyone could come to the carnival, and it was actually a lot of fun. All the sister houses had booths together, there was Shave the Ballon (shaving cream on a balloon, and you had to ‘shave’ it with a razor without popping it), a Dunk Tank….this one was super popular, which is expected with dunk tanks, and people tried to dunk the house presidents, and the Vanier president, it was quite a splash (hahahaha so punny!), there was a Minute to Win It booth with a bunch of games from that show, costume contest(definitely had interesting costumes), and there was a blow up obstacle course as well….aaaannnddd…I’m not sure if there were any other booths, I kind of forget.. OOPSIES! But there was quite a good turn out and all the people that came said they had fun, so that’s a plus right? 


So on the same night as the carnival, Vanier put on a dance as well. I know many would agree, but Grafitti (the first dance put on by Vanier) was MUCH better, and the DJ for that one was super good. At this dance…the DJ-ing was done by first/second year students…and they were GOOD DJs …. just could have had better selections for music. But I met a lot of interesting people at the dance, ones that I had never even seen before, so that was pretty cool. It was overall a fun experience, but the dance itself could have been a bit better. But at the same time there was another dance going on, that dance sold out SO FAST, and the tickets were sold at Totem which was totally not fair!


Halloween was last night, I didn’t really do anything “special”… it was a pretty low key Halloween….It was definitely a weird feeling not being at home to help give out candy and all that good junk out to trick or treaters… I kind of miss that…it was something my mom and I always did together (ahh feeling of nostalgia). I’ve actually been having so many nostalgic feelings lately….siigh…growing up… 


So the second biology 112 midterm marks have been released as of yesterday! The average on this one was much lower than the first one (obviously, because this one was said to be a lot harder). The average for this one was 69% which actually isn’t too bad, it’s a B-. Surprisingly I did better on the second one than the first one, which I am extremely happy about because this one was worth 20% more than the first! 😀 Now I’m just glad that I can relax until the Biology final…..but I still have two more midterms coming up in mid November… Chem 121 and Math 100 …… YIKES! 



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