Filming at UBC + Bio Midterm

Do you know why I love UBC? FAMOUS PEOPLE COME HERE!!! 😀  So there’s currently filming in progress right now, they’ll be all over the campus, but today they were at the D block of the Chemistry building. 🙂 And guess who’s in the movie? None other than SHIA LABEOUF! ...AND Robert Redford is directing it, and also playing a role in the movie itself. Oh and the movie is called The Company You Keep….another well known ‘young’ actor would be Anna Kendrick, she played Jessica in the Twilight movies. 🙂 Stanley Tucci(LOVE HIM!) is also in this movie, he was in Burlesque, The Devil Wears  Prada, Easy A, The Terminal, The Lovely Bones, and MANY MANY MANY MANY more popular movies. Then there’s Richard Jenkins, he’s in Dear John and Step Brothers, and a lot of other well known movies. The list goes on with the actors, but seriously, it’s crazy awesome that famous people will be roaming around the UBC campus! I would love a run in with ANY of those actors…..especially Shia Labeouf… ❤ …come on, I’m an eighteen year-old girl….I’ve had a ‘crush’ on him since Even Stevens (remember that show???) siiighhh. Now you’re probably thinking that I’m some crazy love struck, starstruck teenage girl, I am not. But it’s quite the experience meeting someone famous, yes? YES! I’m actually really excited to see the final product, which will come out some time in 2012, according to the production crew(yeah, I had a nice little chat with them, it was super cool, I felt super cool :$ They’re so down to earth and nice and will answer just about any question…as long as you don’t sound like some creeper trying to stake out the actors).  

As much as I don’t want to move on from the topic of a movie being filmed here on campus….time to move on to the Bio midterm aspect of this post…. I’ll keep it short and sweet…. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT WENT! It could go both ways, and I think a lot of people would agree with me on this one…. the questions were oddly worded, as were the answers. It’s Bio, they’re purposely trying to screw you over…….but I shall pray and hope for the best that I got a super awesome mark… hehe. *crossing my fingers* 

Oh on another note, did you know there’s apparently a murderer lurking about on campus..or WAS….but it’s not confirmed, but it was on the news….someone CLAIMS they thought they saw someone that could potentially be that person… but who knows. There were cops and everything searching the place yesterday! WOW! This week has definitely been ‘exciting’, hasn’t it?! 


GOAL FOR THE WEEK: Have a run in with Shia Labeouf. PLEASE. 


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