Biology 112 Midterm #2 … LETS GO!

I have noticed that “Biology 112 midterm 2” has showed up in various forms as a search keyword….and I’m sorry that you ended up here…’cuz honestly, I’m of no help in that case. 😛 But don’t worry, you’re not alone if you’re freaking out, because we’re on the same boat.



******ON A SIDE NOTE******* I apologize to whoever searched for psych 101 midterm for uwaterloo….. since I don’t go to Waterloo, I really can’t help you with that one..SORRY!!!*********

I feel like I studied A LOT over the weekend, okay well, maybe I just read all the readings…but that counts for something…and the PeerWise questions, I feel like a lot of people didn’t even think their questions through thoroughly….the ‘author’s answer’ ….doesn’t seem to agree with a lot of the responses…..sooo I don’t know what’s up with that…. I haven’t even started on the practice midterm, I looked at the first question and I realized I had forgotten everything I had read about the operons…. (silly me!). So then I had to read all that stuff over again, and this time I think I kind of understand it. But tomorrow, I’m done class early(yeah, I only have one class :P), so I’m booking it on over to the commonsblock/library. It’s going to be the biggest cram sesh of my life! There are about 25-30 questions on this midterm, and up to 5 are based on the material from the first midterm……AND it’s all worth like 30% …so if you suck at multiple choice, you’re pretty much screwed, that’s all there is to it….but in order to prevent that….you have to read in between the lines. See, that’s what I dislike about Biology, it takes a while for you to actually comprehend what the question is asking, and then even longer to decipher the ‘hidden meaning’ behind each answer! Anyone else agree? Like GEEZ. Pretty much, I just can’t wait until I get this exam over and done with, and I just need a really good mark, that’s all I ask for… 🙂 

And now I am off to bed, I don’t think I’ve been to bed this early in the last month or so…. but you know what they say, you need a good night’s sleep before an exam, gotta rest ye olde mind of yers. To conclude, for all of you that have this Biology 112 midterm tomorrow… GOODLUCK!!! 😀 


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