Midterm Round 1 = almost over…… plus other ramblings.

Hey you! Miss me? Yeah, I thought so. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a week……I was getting so good at blogging at the beginning of October, then I just failed at it. Oh weeelll. Good News: My last midterm for ’round one’ is done tomorrow….and the ‘bad news’ ….my second round of midterms start on Tuesday, with Biology 112….but after that my midterms aren’t until November. SO YEAH! I actually have a Psychology midterm tomorrow, and pretty much what I’m going to do is CRAM, because I can. It’s been a really long week actually… I got my Chem midterm results back yesterday….just a bit below the average…..but seriously, it wasn’t fair, I didn’t even finish the exam, so for what I did get accomplished, it’s a decent mark….but I’m definitely going to try and OWN the next midterm. (I wish.) The average for the Chemistry 121 midterm was 59% ….. that’s with like almost 2000 students writing it… that’s pretty low…. so they said that they’d make the second midterm “easier”. I’m actually scared for the Biology 112 midterm on Tuesday because I didn’t get as good of a mark as I should have on the first one, and this midterm is cumulative. 

Anyways, I had a Chem lab today, the titration lab (Lab 4B for those of you that care) ….and boy did I ever do better than I had expected. I was super precise and accurate which made me happy 😀 High school chem labs scarred me….so I was really freaked out for the ones here at UBC, but actually, they’re not half as bad as I expected them to be. As long as you know what you’re doing/prepare well, you’ll be fine, and the TAs are usually always super helpful! Although I’m not going to lie, the whole write up part is a pain to do, but you get 2 weeks to do it. 🙂 



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