Happy Thanksgiving…… and now back to routine.

Soooo Thanksgiving weekend was GREAT, being home was AWESOME, the weather for the most part was decent. And now I’m back at UBC….and it’s raining…..a lot. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, ‘cuz rain is what Vancouver is all about. I was surprised at how well the weather held up last week, it was pretty dry for the whole week. It irritates me to walk in the rain…. But I’m not gonna babble on about how much I hate the rain, ‘cuz I’m inside(warm and cozy), and I really didn’t walk in the rain that much today…so no need to go on a tangent about rain. ANYWAYS, my house is pretty much still dead for the most part, people are just starting to come back one by one after the long weekend. The only plus side about the rain in Vancouver is the fact that it actually prevents you from doing other things, and keeps you in your room(for the most part)….and then you actually get work done.

So as I was saying earlier, I am back at UBC….and I am content. I got all my ‘pre reading’ stuff done, haven’t touched my math homework, which I do have a lot of(but let’s not talk about that), I have new linens put on my bed(I love my mom! :D), got all my laundry done at home(the washing machines and dryers here are quite tiny….), studied for my Chem midterm(am I ready? OHH not at all!), brought back more ‘cold weather’ clothes, my room’s pretty tidy for the most part, and there’s only 4 days of school this week, had 3 days worth of home cooked meals, and no Chem lab….see why I am content… you always have to focus on the POSITIVE things. 😀 

…..and now I go do math… 


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