Home For the Long Weekend!!! Feels GOOD!

It sure does feel great to be back home! …despite the fact I actually have school work to do…….and the fact that the Chemistry midterm is closer than I think……. ANYWAY! It is absolutely fantastic to be back home. I forgot how comfortable my own bed is……the beds in the dorms really aren’t TOO bad, but once you come back home and sleep in your own bed, you realize how much better your own bed is. I had the best sleep ever last night…….and my dreams were pretty messed up…..my dream revolved around hugs…like WHAT THE HECK….that’s a tad bit ODD, messed up…….and embarrassing. Moving on from that…..home cooked meals are GREAT! You really DO miss home cooked meals after a while…. but I can honestly say that I’m not “sick” of the dining hall food at Vanier (which is a GOOD thing!). I’m THRIVING on dining hall food, haha.

 I can’t even express to you how great it feels to be back home. Just as we were driving in, my face just lit up with a smile. FEELS GOOD. All the international kids were complaining about how they have no one to hang out with, other than the other internationals….. us LOCALS are just the life of the party at UBC 😉 But I mean, who am I kidding, all the kids left on campus are just going to party hard and get wasted… it’s just how it works… what else are you to do on a long weekend, when the university is closed, and half the kids are gone? Just stating the facts. I was actually quite surprised at the number of kids that went home that are from eastern Canada and the United States, but I guess they want to take every opportunity they can to go back home. 

UBC Final Exam schedule for December was just released yesterday evening, so you should go check that out(if you haven’t already). Regular classes on December 2nd and exams start on the 6th of December, and go until the 20th. I feel pretty bad for people that have exams on the 20th….sucks to be youuuuu….. I like to get out as soon as I can! It’s pretty crazy to think that we have less than 2 months left of term 1 ….. CRAZY! 

So for all of you that got the chance to go home for the long weekend, HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 😀 ….and same to all the kids that are on campus as well! 



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