YEEEAAAHH!!!! Two midterms done, definitely been a hectic week! But it’s Thanksgiving weekend this weekend, so I have some time to REEEELAX. THANK GOODNESS. Midterms aren’t done yet, but it’s nice to have a little break, even though it’s just a few days until my NEXT midterm. YAY FOR CHEMISTRY…..this one is going to involve some EXTRA hardcore studying…I just don’t understand, I actually DO like Chemistry, I thoroughly enjoy the concepts of Chemistry, but once I get lost, it’s hard to get ‘found’….and in Chem 121, you really need to be able to grasp the concepts WELL before moving on, or else you’re screwed…and I’m trying my best to prevent that.

So how did my midterms go?

BIOL 112 — it wasn’t too bad. it was just 13 questions(all multiple choice, worth 13 marks total), so pretty much every mark is crucial…. if you get say, 2 wrong, you’re already down to the mid 70s (%) ย ….so that’s the part that sucked about Biology. And the cheat sheet, yeah you really don’t use it….there’s not much point in rewriting your notes/textbook onto that one 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper. Pretty much you need to KNOW the concepts enough to actually APPLY them. It’s not like high school biology where you just ‘memorize’ a bunch of stuff from your textbook and then ace your tests. Every time you talk to someone about Biology, they always think it’s so easy ‘cuz ‘all you do is memorize facts’ ….. no. WRONG.ย 

MATH 100 — yes, I am one of those random Science students that is taking ‘Engineering’ math…. I mean it’s not THAT random…. there are plenty of Science students in Math 100…. ‘cuz we chose to avoid the labs in Math 102, along with the whole Biology and Math mixing thing… So moving on to how the midterm went…. WEEELLLL. I can tell you that it was not as hard as I had expected it to be. And in saying that, I am not saying that I ACED the exam, because I know for sure that I didn’t (sadly). But in comparison to the in class quizzes we’ve had…I felt like I was actually PREPARED for the midterm….but at the same time there were some questions that I wasn’t totally sure what it was asking. But we’ll see how it went once I get my marks back.

Overall, I think that these midterms really were quite the experience, and I now have more of ย an idea of what is expected of me, and how to prepare for it. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 



5 thoughts on “TWO MIDTERMS DONE.

  1. Whaaaaaat my BIOL 112 midterm was out of 24 LOL. Looks like the course just got harder…

    Watch out, if your class average for the first midterm(s) was relatively high, the 2nd midterm for those courses will definitely be harder. D: It works the other way around too (happened to me in MATH 103).

    Hope you did well~


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