Biol 112 midterm in < 2 hours :O

Biology 112….my first midterm……. OHMIGOSH. Yeah….this is exciting.. NOT.

I’m freaking out inside. Last night I was super calm…you know, cool, calm and collected, life was good, ‘cuz I did well on the practice midterm, and I was doing decently on the PeerWise questions….. and now people are freaking out about it….as am I. I have English next, right before my Biol 112 midterm….sooooo I’m taking my laptop, and doing PeerWise questions…..and reviewing for Bio during English. (I’m so smart, I’m aware) . Actually, if I was a tad bit more intelligent, I wouldn’t be blogging right now. And tomorrow I have another midterm……and it’s my wet lab week for Chem ….so I need to finish doing lab prep….and by finish I mean start doing it. 😥 And NOW I stop blogging and study for bio…… I shall inform you internet stalkers of how the bio midterm went…… because you all care… 

One thought on “Biol 112 midterm in < 2 hours :O


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