Chem 121 quizzes…. depress me.

I just feel like venting. So I just had a quiz in my Chem 121 class…. and let me tell you how disastrous it was… double sided with like 11 questions….had barely 20 minutes to do it… I still had about 3 questions left to do..and they were the ones worth the most marks… it was utterly ridiculous…I am actually UPSET. We have 4 quizzes total, and we’ve had two…the first one, I didn’t have time to finish EITHER! I really need to work on this whole time management thing, and finishing quizzes within the time frame I am allowed to have.  Pretty much now I just have to ROCK at my midterms, and then that will make up for my major suckage on chem quizzes.. In high school we got all the time in the world to do our quizzes… if we wanted five more minutes, the teacher would give us FIVE MORE MINUTES…sometimes even ten minutes…it was so relaxed…now it’s just super intense, and no excuses. Siigh…. and I have so much work to do this week… I just can’t wait until I am done my Chem lab this week…then I can relax…just for  a little bit, and then HOME FOR THANKSGIVING WEEKEND! 😀 I haven’t been home in a month…. okay maybe like 3.5 weeks…but still, that’s a long time. So I’m excited to go back. 😀 


4 thoughts on “Chem 121 quizzes…. depress me.

    • yeaaahh… I have a few friends that are in maclachlan’s class….I’m ready to skip my prof’s lectures and go to his(check out new’s ratings on ratemyprof) ……..and just show up for quizzes in my class… ‘cuz going to class is absolutely not beneficial to me… it’s really wasting my time to be quite honest, I’m learning NOTHING in class..


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