Aqua Megalomania. Pretty much I’m tired of studying for Bio, so I blog.

Happy October 1st!

Weather outside: cloudy….looks as though it would rain any second…. TYPICAL VANCOUVER WEATHER FOR OCTOBER! 

I’ve been studying for my Biology midterm since this morning…. off and on. The first midterm is ‘only’ worth 10% of the final grade….and it’s only 12-15 questions. I’d rather be over prepared than underprepared…. ‘cuz I really do not know what to expect.

So here’s a little tip for all you future Biol 112 students…. pay attention in Biology 12 (..if you’re from British Columbia). Pay attention and just understand the concepts and DON’T forget them! The whole ‘biochemistry’ unit in Biology 12 is pretty much what Biology 112 is all about. I was never a fan of that part in Biology 12……and I never really thought that it would come back to haunt me(boy, was I wrong)…. so here I am working my butt off trying to make it seem interesting enough for me to study it. I mean there are people that do enjoy celluluar biology, and I’m just not one of them, I am more into the whole human body aspect of biology. So pretty much I’ve been going over the learning objectives, week by week…and reviewing them. AND I’m reading the textbook…. because I didn’t realize that we actually had to do readings from the textbook (well we don’t HAVE to, they’re just considered as ‘helpful’ readings, so that you can get a better background of what is going on). And another thing, if you’re planning on taking math in university… TAKE CALCULUS 12…it helps A LOT

So how many of you guys remember Aqua? … yes, I am talking about the funky dance pop band know the one from Denmark… the one that sings ‘Barbie Girl’ …OBVIOUSLY, how could you NOT know who they are, right? WELL, they’ve released a new album, and it’s called Megalomania…. I listened to some of the songs on the album….they’ve definitely changed their sound, which makes sense, ‘cuz it’s no longer the 90s, and music has evolved… it’s definitely interesting, and I don’t know what to think of it just yet…. but to be frankly honest, I think I miss their old sound.



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