What to do on a Friday night before midterms? STUDY.

That’s right children…. it’s time for midterms. Can I get a ‘woot woot’? -silence-  -crickets chirp-  …OOHHHKAAAY! It’s Friday night….and almost everyone on my floor is studying. This is quite unusual for a Friday night….but hey, midterms are right around the corner… LITERALLY. It’s so quiet that it’s actually a decent environment to study and concentrate in… I LOVE IT! I have two midterms next week, a Chemistry quiz on Monday, and I have a Chem lab to prepare for/finish my lab report for the previous Chem lab, and then do a Crystal Structures online assessment. BECAUSE TWO MIDTERMS AREN’T ENOUGH TO KEEP ME OCCUPIED?! Gotta love university…these are the things you need to get used to.. I remember back in high school I would complain when we had like 4 tests in a week….I mean it IS something to complain about, but wait until you get to university. The best advice I could give you regarding homework and assignments….do it when you get it..like RIGHT AWAY. DO NOT procrastinate and do it right before it’s due…. you’ll get other work to do. So it’s just best to get it all out of the way as soon as possible. It’s one of those things I always tell myself, yet fail to practice(not on purpose though). 

I have eaten so much candy since last night, I am going to eat myself to a cavity thanks to midterms. Hubbard’s (the little convenience  store at Vanier) is definitely going to get some good cash money by the time midterms are done. Practically everyone resorts to candy while studying….oh and coffee. I really think they need a Starbucks ON residence…..they’d make so much money….. like 500 caffeine thirsty students? DO THE MATH. I really should have chosen Business as my line…I’d do so well in it….NOT. They also NEED to keep the dining hall open past 7 : 30? Hungry students are everywhere around here…and we need food, and half of us don’t wanna go to McDonalds at midnight…actually, that’s a lie…there are lots of people around here that enjoy a McD run at like 2 in the morning….but for those who care about their health…..the dining hall would be nice… but whatever. I’m surprised that I’m not sick of the dining hall food yet…but then again it’s only been a month. But really, if you give it a chance, you actually will learn to like the food and not get tired of it. 

Something about  in-class quizzes here at UBC…. there is absolutely NO time to finish them! Well I mean you get like 10-15 minutes…it’s really not that much, you get so into your quiz that you don’t realize that you only have a minute left and you still have like 3 questions left to answer. You really need to manage your time wisely here….otherwise you’re screwed. 

Well that’s all the time I’m willing to sacrifice….off to study. 



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