RandomRamblings UBC Style: Vanier Olympics, Graffiti Night, Weather.


Sooo Vanier is DA bomb. Did I just say ‘DA bomb’? Why yes, yes I did just say that. SO much Vanier spirit! Saturday was a GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL day, it was sooo sunny and nice, and the opposite of how the day is today(I’ll explain that later on in the post). All the Vanier houses, except for Tec and Korea(they have enough people that they don’t need to pair up with anyone to make a team), were teamed up with their sister houses (OkaBoo, MackRoss, RobKoot, Mawder, and TweedSL). Every house(and their sister house) gets a T-shirt with their house collaborative names on it, and each of the houses have different house colours…this is when it starts sounding like Harry Potter. 😀 Not being bias or anything, but in MY opinion TweedSL had the best entrance(SMOKE BOMB!!!!), but I mean we won for ‘Best Costume’…. people were envious of our camo army wear. 😉 So all in all, there were 5 games — Human Foosball, Chuck the Chicken (I actually DON’T know know what the actual name for it is…but you chuck a rubber chicken….), a spider web game, where you have to get people through the spaces, one where we had to flip the tarp to the other side without anyone touching the grass(not going to lie, this was the most confusing thing ever), and one where we had to toss water balloon over a net. The olympics were in the morning, and they were LOADS of fun, and definitely got people pumped up for GRAFFITI NIGHT!! 


Grafitti night was the ‘opening’ dance….pretty much the first dance that Vanier put on. The ‘equivalent’ for Totem was their GLOW dance. So pretty much everyone got white tshirts and Sharpies, and you went around writing things on peoples shirts throughout the dance. I mean it’s a good way to get to know people, although half of them aren’t fully mentally there(‘cuz they went a little overboard with the alcohol :P)….but it’s still fun! I couldn’t even read the majority of the things that were written on my shirt, but whatever, it’s cool. I met a lot of people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and they had pretty decent music. I’m not going to lie, but at first I was slightly disappointed that it was a Vanier ONLY dance….but afterwards I was kind of happy about that just ‘cuz it helped me to meet new people, instead of just being around people that I already knew from say Totem or something.


It was INCREDIBLY sunny and nice on Saturday….and now the weather has gone absolutely bipolar…. it’s POURING rain, and windy and COLD. It’s really miserable out there, and I hate it! And the puddles are HUUUUGEEEE!!! You could pretty much drown in a puddle here….SLIGHT exaggeration. But it’s the worst weather to walk in, either way, no matter how bundled up you are, you’ll get wet and be cold. It’s utterly annoying. But hey, it adds to the motivation of staying inside and actually getting some work done…..after all, midterms start in just over a week!!!! <— MAJOR SCARY THOUGHT.

One thought on “RandomRamblings UBC Style: Vanier Olympics, Graffiti Night, Weather.

  1. You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.


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