Chem 121 Lab … NOT BAD

So today was my first Chem 121 lab……. and honestly speaking, I expected the very worst, and to my delight.. IT WASN’T BAD AT ALL! 😀 My TA is super nice and helpful…and AWESOME…I’m SO HAPPY about that. Thanks to him, I will probably ENJOY my labs, more than originally expected. I think everyone should just get a TA like him and if you dread chem labs, you will dread them no longer. 😀 There was a quiz at the beginning of the lab, it was ‘okay’, I did better than I thought, so that’s good ! 😀

Vancouver weather is back…rainfall warning. HOORAY. Walking to class this morning, I got soaked right through. One thing I really don’t like, ‘cuz it’s just not comfortable, is wet jeans….it’s disgusting. I actually don’t like wet clothes in general, you just feel ‘damp’ and gross, and then when you go into a classroom with like 70 other people that are also soaked from the rain, it just smells bad.

Saturday is Vanier Grafitti Night…..I’m actually excited and hesitant…it’s supposed to be nice weather…….*crossing my fingers*. And for those of you that don’t know what Grafitti Night is, it’s just a Vanier dance…it’s the first dance of the year, and you get white T-shirts and Sharpies, and you pretty much write all over each others shirts…… it’s supposed to be fun, definitely a very hyped up event. The only ‘downside’ I find is that fact that it’s for strictly Vanier residents only, and ‘security’ is strict, so absolutely NO non Vanier people. In saying that though, the point is for you to get to know your own residence and mingle with each other. And Saturday morning, we have Vanier Olympics! I’m pretty excited ‘cuz a lot of my friends will be going to that as well, so YEAH!


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