RandomRamblings: The Weekend is Almost Over….

Sunday, the day that everyone leaves to do their homework. WHY? Because….Friday night-saturday night = time to have fun. We have ALL learned from high school that we shouldn’t leave things until last minute, when will we ever learn? NEVER!!! I don’t even FEEL like doing homework right now, but I have lots to do and I have to study for two quizzes this week….SO MUCH FUN(not). Seriously, all I want to do is have fun….this is what happens when you haven’t done much schoolwork in like 2 days… I  need to get back into the whole “I’m in university” mode. I remember the first week of university, I was SUPER excited to go to class….now, not so much. And in saying that, I’m not saying that I want to skip classes, HECK NO, that would screw me over SO MUCH.

The weather has been pretty crappy the past two days….it was HEAVY DOWNPOUR last night…walked in the rain for like 10 minutes, got soaked right through! I hate being soaked and cold at like 11 30 at night…. not a fun feeling. Friday night was also pretty cold, and it was raining a little bit every now and then. Totem got its fire alarm  pulled in the early morning hours for the 3rd time this week, 2 nights ago…glad I’m not in Totem. 

It’s so hard to believe but, midterms start in like 2-3 weeks…crazy stuff, I don’t even feel like I’ve been taught enough to even have them come up so soon….guess the next few weeks are gonna be some crazy ones! I need to keep up with homework really well, like doing it right when it’s assigned…instead of waiting 3 days to start on it. 

But other than the work and the crap weather, university life is amazing, everyone here knows how to have some good fun, it sure isn’t BORING around here! …And NOW I shall continue on with my studying spree…….. at least it’s nice and cozy in my room. 🙂




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