Rainy Day at UBC

It’s raining: Vancouver weather is BACK IN ACTION. I love rain, but I hate it. See how much sense I make? On the way to class this morning, it wasn’t raining, just cloudy, then when I got out of class, it started drizzling, and now it’s RAINING. Thankfully I’m done my classes for the day, so I can just sit inside and be all cozy and stuff, while everyone else is getting soaked. 😀

Today was my first Chem Lab Check-In ….cool experience(uuuhhh..) ….we pretty much did a virtual lab…I don’t think I’m a fan of labs at all. SIGH. It kind of sucks, but I’ll survive. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I’m done classes for the day, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being done early…ESPECIALLY ON A RAINY DAY. I’m really loving math right now, I never thought I’d say that in my life…but it’s true! The professor really makes or breaks the experience you have in a certain class. Mine is honestly AWESOME and teaches sooooo well!!!! But Chemistry on the other hand….no comment. 

This weekend we’re having a few events going on within the house, so that should be fun. I just love being with people, like even if an event is a ‘dud’, I just like mingling with people and just CHIILLLIINN

I was just thinking…but midterms are in less than a month… YIKES. 


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