Breaks Between Classes Are The BEST!

As said in the title of this post….’Breaks between classes are the best’ …like seriously dude. A two hour break between morning classes and afternoon classes is just the perfect thing. It’s so relaxing having just two classes in the morning, after the second class, I just take my time and walk back to my rez, and go into my room and turn on my computer and hit up Facebook….haaaaa. What should I really be doing? Probably work/revising stuff. OH WELL. I actually WILL get done some pre reading for my afternoon classes, but for now, I shall just relax and ‘waste’ my time away. I can’t really say I’m being super unproductive, ‘cuz after all, I AM writing out this thing, which takes hard work. 

So last night was “Roommate Bootcamp” ….interesting concept. We mainly played games and stuff, and then signed a resident/roommate contract thing. I felt so professional, you know? NOOOOTTT. But I guess it was nice mingling with people and all that. 

It hasn’t even been a full week since classes have started and I’m already lost in one course….which is probably a HORRIBLE thing….not IS horrible. I DO NOT want to fall behind…EVER. But in saying that, I’m taking 5 courses, and 4/5 professors are really awesome, and they’re passionate about the subject they teach, AND they connect very well with the students. I don’t think ‘badly’ of the 5th prof, it’s just the fact that I need to CATCH UP and UNDERSTAND what the heck is going on in class because I feel like she doesn’t seem to really TEACH well…I just need to adjust to her teaching style…it might take a while…but I’ll survive..I HOPE.

But now..I’m off to actually do some work for my classes, ‘cuz that’s how good of a student I am…… 😉


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