First Day at Rez.

So yesterday was move-in day(so technically YESTERDAY was the first day at rez)…and how did it go? QUITE WELL!! 😀 people on my floor seem quite nice, so that’s comforting. 🙂 They’re all full of smiles, haha. But yeah, moving in was not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. There were so many volunteers ready to bring everything inside. 😀 I still can’t believe I’m at university…it’s all super surreal..but once classes start it should hit me quite hard.. haaaa. It’s such a pain unpacking…like you have no idea how horrible it is. BUT I have managed to unpack one suitcase with clothes….and I have hung them up in my little closet/wardrobe thing. SEEE I’M MAKING PROGRESS! 😀 My shelves are looking a little bare though…..but my drawers are full of clothes as weeelll!! There’s so much to do around here that I feel like I’m accomplishing absolutely NOTHING! But yeah…overall the first day was pretty great, and like I said, all the people here are just as amazing. 😀 



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