One sleep away…

September 2nd?!??!…… I was blown away YESTERDAY(the first of september)…where on earth has the time gone?! Tomorrow is September 3rd…aka…move-in day…I’ve waited for the day for AGES…and now it’s just ONE DAY AWAY. I can tell that the school season is beginning because the past few mornings and nights have been quite cold. Even as I speak right now, I’m quite cold. 😦  siiiighhh.

Moving away from home….to university, definitely going to be a change. I’m so excited meet everyone and just EXPERIENCE university. It’s definitely something that I need to get used to, but with time, I’m sure  the transition will be smooth. Everyone at UBC definitely seems super nice and welcoming, so that will really help.

Personally I think that move-in day is going to be a pain and slightly overwhelming….getting everything from the car, to my room. It’s gonna be one hot mess. I’m actually quite excited to get my UBCcard, which will be in my Welcome package….for ONCE in my life I don’t mind the picture that they used…mainly because I had the ‘privilege’ of taking it……and unlike passport pictures, you’re allowed to show SOME expression on your face….so it looks less like a prison mug shot. 😀

Yesterday my friend and I were thinking how weird it’s going to be that we’re not going back to high school….September 6th is when the schools around here open…and NEITHER of us will be in school on the 6th…. WEIRD STUFF. We’re growing up so darn fast, haha. I remember on the first day of school EVERY year, the nerves would kick in and I’d feel so sick from being so nervous! I sure hope that doesn’t come back for university……although it just might tomorrow, for move-in day. SO EXCITING!!!!  


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